SciLifeLab Serve is a service under development for machine learning model serving and app publication. Upon launch the service is planned to be offered free of charge to Swedish researchers (both with and without SciLifeLab affiliation) and SciLifeLab platforms. Currently, SciLifeLab Serve is in beta testing phase and is looking for test users.

Serve machine learning models

Easily serve Tensorflow models and PyTorch models (get in touch for other options). Get FastAPI endpoints and build apps with graphical user interface (for example, allow to make predictions using your model).

Publish R Shiny and Dash apps

Host interactive dashboards created with R Shiny and Dash to allow others in your team or the general public to explore your data or results.

Collaborate with your team

Work on your own or give access to your projects to team members for collaborative work.

Sign up as a test user

At this time, SciLifeLab Serve is running in beta mode, and we are looking for users that can help us with testing. The main functionality is ready, and beta users can make full use of the service but we cannot yet guarantee uninterrupted operation. The team behind the service is happy to discuss the particular needs of each user/project. In order to sign up, please fill out this form or send an email to

Resource limitations

At the moment, SciLifeLab Serve does not have any limits on resource allocation. No specific decisions about the future resource limitations have been taken yet. When the service is launched, there are likely to be default limitations in terms of CPU and memory but we aim to cover the needs of most of the research projects.


The team behind SciLifeLab Serve is happy to answer your questions and receive feedback, drop us a line to