Collections are groups of apps and models published on SciLifeLab Serve belonging to a research community, organisation, or topic. Each collection gets its own page where collection maintainers can add a logo for the collection, description, as well as a link to an external website. In addition, the collection can be connected to a Zenodo community and entries from that community are displayed on the same page on SciLifeLab Serve; this way, for example, datasets can be displayed alongside the apps and models.

Who can start a collection?

Any user on SciLifeLab Serve can make a request to start a collection and indicate what apps and models they would like to add.

How can I start a collection?

While each collection has a maintainer we did not yet implement a dedicated user interface for creating and controlling collections. Currently, in order to add a collection you need to get in touch with the SciLifeLab Serve support team - We will add a dedicated user interface for this in the future.

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