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REMEDi4ALL is an EU-funded research initiative to drive forward the repurposing of medicines in Europe. The REMEDi4ALL consortium brings together a unique combination of expertise to address the complexities of drug repurposing. Under the leadership of EATRIS, the European infrastructure for translational medicine, 24 organisations in the fields of clinical and translational research, clinical operations, patient engagement and education, regulatory framework, funding, governance, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and pricing and reimbursement will closely collaborate to make drug repurposing mainstream.

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Ola Spjuth,

Public apps 2

KG Dashboard
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Dashboard for the R4A Expertise KG

  • Owner:
    Yojana Gadiya
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RepurposeDrugs - an interactive web-based data portal and predictive platform for repurposing mono- and combination therapies.

  • Owner:
    Aleksandr Kushnir

Public model cards 2

Ames Mutagenicity Prediction

Predicts Ames Mutagenicity for a chemical structure using an SVM model with Signatures features via the CPSign modeling tool.

  • Owner:
    Ola Spjuth

Conformal regression model for predicting LogD for drug-like molecules, trained on ChEMBL version 33 with over 2.2M compounds using the CPSign software.

  • Owner:
    Staffan Arvidsson McShane

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